New album “MMXVI” out now!

Featuring the band’s first new studio recordings since the 1990s, MMXVI was recorded as an “album in progress”. Throughout the year 2016 each month one new track got recorded and released through the band’s Bandcamp site, until the album was complete with 12 songs at the end of the year. Well… it was March 2017 when the last track got released and it took until May to get everything sorted for a proper album release, but here we are! 🙂

These tracks are all new recordings, done just a few days before they were released month by month. Songs include some that were written in the past few years since the band reunion, as well as new titles that were sometimes just made up a few hours before they got recorded. One track is an old song from 1991, now re-recorded for this album… guess which one!