Feedback Part II – Live album out now!

Hey everyone,

Grabbel and The Final Cut‘s live album “Feedback Part II” is out now! It’s available as Digital Download and Enhanced Audio CD in a beautifully designed Digipack (including live video clips on CD-ROM part of the disc). You can order it worldwide through Bandcamp or Amazon.

Featuring 11 tracks recorded live in Cottbus and Hamburg in May this year, “Feedback Part II” is an amazing collection of old songs that have been written 20 years ago, and new songs that haven’t been recorded yet in the studio. So this album marks a turning point in the band’s career, providing a deep insight into their current live set.

Interesting how a song like “Oppa Yo!” got reworked (compare it to the 1990 live version that’s available as a free download via Bandcamp), and funny how Phillip Boa and the Voodooclub find a special mention in the song “Blow” (Grabbel and The Final Cut were supporting Boa on these two shows the live recordings are taken from). Of course all songs from the “Get Your Feet Back On The Ground EP” (released through Captured Tracks earlier this year) are present here as well, and it’s a nice surprise to find the old classic “Feedback Party” (which works very well in 2012 despite the missing keyboard) among the album’s tracks. But it’s a yet unreleased song that may have the biggest impact on people: “Never Always Mine (But I’ll Be Fine)”

Head on over to the Bandcamp site to listen to the entire album and while you’re there, order yourself the 6-panel Digipack CD version. It looks awesome!

Take care.

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