EP Review at Dénouements | bobetbagundang.com

Hey everyone,

now here’s a must-read: the first “full length” review of our Get Your Feet Back On The Ground EP, over at the Dénouements site at bobetbagundang.com.

“Full length” 😉 means that all three EP tracks are discussed, and the surrounding story about Grabbel and The Final Cut‘s history and resurfacing is wonderfully described. And they conclude…:

“In mere ten minutes, Get Your Feet Back on the Ground summons the years of woozy and distorted intimations of shoegaze and noise rock. Considering the masculine sound Grabbel and the Final Cut provide in this EP eschews the group to be catalogued with the rest of the music one can tap on these days which kind of worries me. Shall this be charted as one of 2012 releases or one of shoegaze gems unearthed to give rock music a kick in the shins. Either way, a Hamburg secret is out and even decades after its recording, Get Your Feet Back on the Ground is still as relevant and timeless, a could-have-been missed treasure that is discovered with a noble purpose.”

Read the full review at Dénouements | bobetbagundang.com

Take care.

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