Jason Dill Is Dead

Hey everyone

this is a truly great write-up about Grabbel and The Final Cut you have to read. The author, James Harbard, puts quite some thoughts into it, and he comes to an interesting conclusion…:

“It’s confusing because considering this bands limited recording history they seem to be pretty concerned about how this stuff sounded and the way it was mixed. Maybe they were super picky and that’s why they only managed to get a handful of songs recorded, or maybe they were just really talented and this all happened just because the planets aligned. Still I find it unlikely that the way those guitars are layered in ‘The Finest Thing’, with all those layers of fuzz and distortion, was the result of any sort of accident. A welcome and at times baffling reissue, and makes you wonder how much stuff like this is floating around that we’ll never hear.”

Read the full article on Jason Dill Is Dead.

Take care.

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