Back Left Litz

Hey everybody,

you have to read this one on a blog called Back Left Litz! It’s the most funniest post that’s out there about Grabbel and The Final Cut.

I know I’ll definitely be following the author, Daniel Kolitz, from now on. At the end he gets serious and says about the Psycho Popsong…:

“Apparently it’s a little-known German shoegaze song from 1991 that Captured Tracks has recently excavated. Right now I can’t tell if I’m ill or deranged, pleasantly hungover or doomed to spend the rest of my days in a sort of all-natural narcotic trance. It’s been a while since a song hit me like this. Makes you realize that all contemporary noise-pop is inherently fake, the aural equivalent of wearing a monocle, or sending someone a letter when you have their e-mail address.”

Read the full article on Back Left Litz.

Make sure to read the other stuff on his site (it’s not a music blog). It’s full of little thoughts and short stories, very funny and thoughtful at the right moments. Truly awesome!

Take care.

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