Captured Tracks record label to release Grabbel and The Final Cut EP in January

Hey everyone,

ok…, by now this is old news, because the bloggers already blogged it around the world. Sorry for being late here…, but it’s still killer news for the band! 🙂

The fabulous Captured Tracks record label, based in Brooklyn, New York, is going to release our Get Your Feet Back On The Ground EP as part of the label’s “Shoegaze Archives”, a new series of reissues highlighting lost & found or simply overlooked material from shoegaze artists of decades past (yep, that’s us!).

So that’s the first proper Grabbel and The Final Cut release, 20 years after the songs on that EP got recorded and originally released on self-distributed Compact Cassettes. Unbelievable…? You bet! So how did it happen? Well…, label owner Mike Sniper stumbled across our music on the Internet, loved it and told us on our Facebook page that he wants to press it on vinyl. And less than a week later there was the first Captured Tracks announcement about the forthcoming release. It’s as simple as that… 😉

The Get Your Feet Back On The Ground EP will be out on January 24, 2012 on Captured Tracks (cat. no. CT-136/SA-4) as Digital Downloads and Limited Edition Color Vinyl 7″ EP. You can preview the complete EP on our Bandcamp site already…

…and the first reviews are coming in:

Altered Zones: “Out of feedback squalls and a rushed drum count-off comes a massive guitar banger…”

BlahBlahBlahScience: “…they sound like actual good shoegaze, like good classic shoegaze.”

Not Final Music“To get an early preview of their awesomeness, take a listen to ‘The Finest Thing’. It’s seriously lovely.”

From The Hip – LA“A treasure from 1991… a very relevant piece of music… the exact sound that so many modern artists strive to achieve today… truly impassioned, gritty, and timeless.”

(I guess there’s nothing you can add to this…)

So that’s all pretty exciting right now, and everyone here is really happy that Mike Sniper found us in the depth of the Internet…, amazing! 🙂

Take care.

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