Soundtrack2 Blog & Podcast

Hey, shoegazers & noisemakers,

Grabbel and The Final Cut are part of the current Soundtrack2 audiocast episode #86.

Soundtrack2 is dedicated to unearthing shoegaze gems, dream pop, distorted and psychedelic rock & roll of all kinds. Delivered by the Soundtrack2 audiocast is a mix of 80’s originators, 90’s popularizers and today’s contributors… thrown in with any number of also-rans, never-beens and up-and-comers that may or may not fit a genre.”

This week’s mix is in honour of the 20th anniversary of My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless album and features tracks by M83, Felt, Real Estate, Megafaun, Ride and last but not least our Psycho Popsong.

You can stream or download the complete mix here.

Check back regularly on the Soundtrack2 site, because there’s a new episode every one or two weeks, and it always has a great mix of blasts from the past everyone knows, paired with songs or bands you’ve never heard of before. Very cool! 🙂

Take care.

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