Facebook, anyone…?


hate to admit, but there’s now a Grabbel and The Final Cut Facebook page

Facebook sucks, but there seems no way around it these days. There’s a lot of traffic on our Bandcamp page generated by Facebook and people who “like” our songs or “share” the Bandcamp embedded audio player on their “wall”. So I figured it was clever that we’re present there as well…

Anyone who is on Facebook, please “like” our page there, and if you want to do us a real favor, go to our Bandcamp page to your favorite album or track and use the “Share / Embed” function there (to add the small Bandcamp player to your Facebook wall).

Then all your thousands of “friends” can see what great music you like and they can play it directly from your page. Now that’s cool about Facebook.  🙂

Take care.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mixtapebabe says:

    Facebook isn’t that bad anymore, I think 😉

    1. StefanStereo says:

      I always said I love Facebook.

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